World's Top 10 Longest Single Span Bridges

10. Yangluo Bridge, China – 1,280 m

9. Golden Gate Bridge, USA – 1,280 m

8. Verrazano Narrows Bridge, USA – 1,298 m

7. Tsing Ma Bridge, China – 1,377 m

6. Jiangyin Suspension Bridge, China – 1,385 m

5. Humber Bridge, England – 1,410 m

4. Runyang Bridge, China – 1,490 m

3. Great Belt Bridge, Denmark – 1,624 m

2. Xihoumen Bridge, China – 1,650 m

1. Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, Japan – 1,991 m
The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan heads the list of the top 10 longest single spand bridges in the world. Europe’s longest singel span bridge is the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark, although current plans for a bridge between mainland Italy and Sicily across the Messina straights would surpass it if given the go ahead. The Tsing Ma (Hong Kong to China), has the longest span for a bridge with both road and train traffic.

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