House in Heesch by Hilberink Bosch Architects

The house by Hilberink Bosch Architects , located on beautiful grounds on the edge of the forest consists of two different volumes: an L-shaped base on which an oblong volume balances. Together they form a sculpture that resembles a tree fell on a pile of dirt. The public functions of the house are located in the L-shaped base The exterior walls of the L-shape facing the street look inaccessible and secret. The wall is made with long, dark, solid bricks with emphasis on horizontal lines. The interior of the house is open and light. The living space is related to the terrace, the garden and the forest and a stream of light that enters the house. The garden facade of the house is formed by a concrete structure, the imagination of modern life in the rampart.

On this basement a volume of timber which is placed in the most intimate rooms such as bed-and bathrooms are located. The volume of wood resembles a fallen tree, balanced on the basis of the company. The steel structure of this volume has been covered with wood Louro Preto, an FSC certified tropical hardwood.

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